Z Compound at Malingap

Found along Malingap street in Teacher’s Village in Quezon City among the many intersecting roads to the more popular foodie fave Maginhawa lies Z Compound. Already a staple itself in the area, but perhaps unfamiliar to those whose food crawl habits stay within the aforementioned main road, Z is actually a precursor to the food hub craze more associated with the likes of strEAT & Box Park.



A good Bagnet do go well with most things apparently.

This seems to be what Bagneto has taken advantage of, aside from the very witty name & mascot. Found inside Z Compound, this resto uses the deep-fried crispy pork belly that Filipinos love as the protein on all 5 of their menu offerings that ranges from PHP 110 to PHP 150. Yup, they offer just 5 basic meals, all available to be partnered with rice or just the viand itself: basic bagnet, bagnet sisig, bagnet bicol express, bagnet binagoongan, & bagnet kare-kare which I ordered.

Z COMPOUND Bagneto Witty Mascot
Bagneto Witty Mascot

Admittedly, we were a bit underwhelmed when the food was served to us. Sure, the rice dome cup looks cool, but the overall mix of the average serving size in relation to its price, ordinary looking kare-kare & the white large plate it was put on wasn’t enticing at all. It also didn’t help that most of the tables in their area weren’t the cleanest as swipe marks & some leftover bits were still visible. A very particular no-no with my SO.

Z COMPOUND Bagneto Bagnet Kare-kare PHP 135
Bagneto Bagnet Kare-kare P135

That being said, their bland plating is a direct contrast to how the meal tastes. Me & my SO agree: their kare-kare bagnet tastes really really good! The fried bagnet pieces were very crispy & full of flavor that it rises above the also good kare-kare. We all know how distinct & pungent the peanut based Filipino ulam can be, but its sauce is somewhat the Mystique to the bagnet’s Magneto. It’s tasty & crunchy enough that you know that it’s the star of the meal… err, well liked anti-hero of the meal.

Overall, together with the salty bagoong, it’s a meal you should try if you love bagnet, kare-kare, both or even if you’re just plain hungry. I conclude: Bagneto knows their bagnets.

Z COMPOUND Bagneto Wall Paint
Bagneto Wall Paint

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 350; Facebook: Bagneto

Z Compound address: 33A Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City


Pizzas are Pizzas, no matter how thin.

Situated right next to Bagneto inside Z compound is the Italian & American diner, The Backyard Reservoir. We settled on buying our other meal here as their pizzas looked yummy from afar & they seemed to have more customers than other restos when we arrived. It was really a no-brainer to order a pizza from their extensive menu as me & my SO are what you can describe as, for better or worse, a “frugal twosome”. Sharing their pizza looked like a good choice tummy filler to complement the taste bud-satisfying bagnet kare-kare & lime juice drink (sorry! can’t remember the name).

Z COMPOUND The Backyard Reservoir Pizza P240
The Backyard Reservoir Pizza P240

As first impressions go, it was a very promising one as not only did it look appetizing, but the pie was also of a decent size & the ingredients were also plentiful. Our pick, the Backyard seemed to be their supreme pizza variant with toppings of beef, bacon, green peppers, tomatoes & onions. We found our only itch about it when we started eating the slices, or rather, picking up the slices. The pizza crust was very thin that we had to fold a serving just so the toppings don’t fall off. I’d say it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if they labeled them as paper thin crust.

Z COMPOUND The Backyard Reservoir Store Menu
The Backyard Reservoir Store Menu

IMO, it’s quite a relevant itch to mention as my SO just happens to be from Thincrust Town & she complained about it. It’s not that she simply prefers thin crust, no sir. Let’s just say that I can count within one hand the number of times we’ve eaten my preferred thicker dough/Pizza Hut Pan style pizza in all our years of knowing each other, it’s that brutal. LOL! Taste-wise though, the Backyard variant was good, if not okay. The mixture of meat, vegetables, cheese & sauce was tasty but not outstanding. Everything tasted the way it should’ve & it was what it was, a pizza.

Z COMPOUND The Backyard Reservoir Area
The Backyard Reservoir Area

At the end of the day, it’s not a pizza I’d recommend to go hunting after if you’re badly craving for one, but a pizza I can suggest if you just happen to be in Malingap / Maginhawa area.

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 500; Facebook: Backyard Reservoir;

Z Compound address: 33A Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Originally written March 26, 2016

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