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All WFH Essentials In Lazada And Shopee Philippines

This pandemic has radically pushed the norms of industries to their limits. More and more, actual work has shifted from in-person offices to the confines of homes. In addition to this, as hundreds of businesses are forced to close down, job seekers are now embracing online jobs as sought-after living means. About to get into the act? Or looking to improve your productivity and comfort in working from home? Check out these WFH essentials we scoured in Lazada and Shopee for you!

Essential WFH items can be anything from things you don’t think you’ll need (BUT you do! like UV protect eyeglasses) to those that will surprise you on how much it can improve your comfort (like laptop stands). Work from home desk essentials like organizers, cord ties, or desk encompassing mouse pads are also included here to help you advance your productivity!

WFH Essentials

Best Home Office Essentials In Lazada And Shopee Philippines

Here are our work from home office essentials list for your home necessities. See all work from home must have items for home office product details below.

  • Large Two-toned Double-sided Mouse Pad / Desk Mat
  • Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
  • Back Support and Seat Cushion
  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • MPOW 071 Headphone with Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Acrylic Calendar Note Board
  • Wooden Desk Organizer
  • Modern LED Desk Lamp
  • Generic Extension Cord with USB Port
  • BAVIN SC3604 Universal Power Socket with USB Charging Port
  • Generic Silicone Cable Organizer
  • UGreen Cable Tie Wire Winder
  • Pegboard Wall Shelf Display Holder
  • Pegboard Wall Shelf Display with Storage Box Organizer
  • Computer Anti Radiation / Blue Light Eyeglasses
  • Multifunction LED Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker and Radio
WFH Essentials

Recommended WFH Essentials You Can Buy In Philippines

Below are the best work from home essentials 2021 to buy in Lazada or Shopee. Use this guide to help you choose work at home essentials.

Keep your workspace clean and stylish with this WFH essentials product number 1! Gone are the days when you’ll only see huge pads for gamers only. Having an all-encompassing non-slip and water-proof pad underneath your laptop, keyboard and mouse not only will make your point-and-clicks smoother, the color choices will also tie in your sassy essential home office setup!

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

Speaking of mice, this next one on our list might not be one that will make a WFH necessities list for everyone. But if you’re one that hasn’t really got 100 percent used to the traditional mouse, this one might be what you need. Don’t be automatically turned off by it’s odd shape as lots of computer accessory brands have also made their own models due to it’s rising popularity.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

The best home office essentials list won’t be complete without a comfort product. Tied to your desk and chair for hours has stains to several body parts, most notably your lumbar. Not everyone has the means to purchase high-end chairs, thus for Php300+, this support and cushion is a cheap alternative to add to your current one. With excellent sold numbers and ratings, this is a must-buy for those having back and neck issues from WFH.

Click here to view price in Shopee.

Laptops have become the choice for many new WFH employees as their main essential home office equipment due to their portability. However one downside to laptops are their fixed screen to keyboard attachment that leaves not much room for viewing angle adjustments. The fix for this is of course to buy a separate keyboard… But improve this further by adding elevation!

Laptop stands are one of the work from home essentials kit no-brainer if you don’t use a desktop! This easy-buy product offers several elevation angles as well as giving your machine better ability to dissipate heat.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

Zoom meetings have become the norm these days. And let’s face it, not all of us have good placement of our home offices, making them susceptible to noise. An essential work from home equipment for those with constant background sounds, noise cancelling headphones have become much more in-demand.

This product from Mpow has a 9K+ sold rate and excellent ratings.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

For those whose organizational quirk needs more of the traditional feel, this is indeed a WFH essentials inclusion. An acrylic board that allows you to list your needs, this item is also a chic addition to your work from home office setup!

Click here to view price in Shopee.

Another one for those needing a more classic inclusion to their work at home necessities collection. This cheap board organizer has a faux wood facade/coating that will blend in well with your wooden table! 

It houses plenty of slots for your pens, papers, clips, etc to lessen the clutter on your setup.

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A no-brainer to complete a work from home setup, this less than Php150 light is sleek and simple. This home working essentials add on is purely USB powered, meaning it should easily complement your workstation, just plug and use!

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Another easy pick to complete your office essentials for working from home are these extension cords that offer USB functionality. Let’s face it, our gadgets are included in our work from home necessities. LOL. Having those USB slots means less peripherals plugged onto our computers! Perfect for your phones, USB lights, USB fans, etc.

Click here to view price of Generic Extension Cord in Shopee.

Click here to view price of BAVIN SC3604 Universal Power Socket in Lazada.

To further clean up your workstations, make use of these simple cord wires/tapes! A frequent deterrent for a neat computer look, cords tend to distract away from your sweet setup. If you’re a neat freak, these are easy buys as a part of your WFH essentials.

Click here to view price of Generic Silicone Cable Organizer in Shopee.

Click here to view price of UGreen Cable Tie Wire Winder in Lazada.

Recently getting some following online on Facebook groups such as Home Buddies, peg boards are wall mounted organizational boards that lets you customize it for your needs.

These 2 products can easily complete your setup as it will allow you to hang your clutters! Another pick for your work from home essential items.

An entry for precaution this time, these anti radiation glasses have been around a long time. If you’ve felt eye strains from your 8-hour shift, include this as part of your WFH essentials.

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A trinket to complete your home office, this clock is multi functional that it also doubles as a mirror, speaker and radio, all in one. If you wish to add more functionality, this is another strong recommendation for your WFH setup essentials.

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