The 1st crap is the shittiest


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the urge to start my own site blog & dig down the writer bloggr within. I’ve always wanted a way to exercise my English in the written form, find a release for the copywriting career I once thought I could do, & at the same time, showcase what little passion for bokeh photography I have left.

What if I run out of things to write about?, would I be interesting enough? will I earn money off it? English or Taglish?, do I go millennial hipster & focus on food & travel?, what free site do I use? would I be able to keep it up? Well, I sure do hope so for the ladiessssssss. These were just some of the lame-ass questions excuses that kept me from starting.

Somehow in this light loaded very stressful night shift, in the midst of my reddit/r / browsing very focused working, I was lead, of all places to a blog, which, for all intents & purposes, let’s say like a plagiarism case, shall remain unnamed.

Kidding aside, having read through a lot of the blogger’s entries, I was instantly impressed by how simple yet very entertaining they were. And though most of them were of travel & food with the occasional personals, I found it very encouraging that there were already more than 22 entries… for the year! It’s just a quarter of 2016 & this blogger had more write-ups than what I imagined I could do for 12 months! Yikes!

Soooo, thinking back, being in this one-time-big-time inspired moment that I am in now (time-check is at 3:20 AM), I now realize the hindrance. The worst unanswerable question why I’ve always postponed blogging: I just wasn’t able to think of what the best or proper one should be.

What the hell do I write as my first entry??

Sometime ago, someone very smart said it. The first is always the hardest. More like smart-ass.

You’re always supposed to struggle at first, then hopefully get better. It’s what separates those who make it in a certain field and those who bow out and find another one, and those who don’t find any at all, kinda like your bum neighbor who calls everyone “idol!”. Then again, there are those who are good at something from the very start, again, kinda like that bum neighbor, who just happens to also be the community kara-krus rookie of the year.

Unlike him, millennials seem to have developed a thing for turning really really old professions into their own hipster hobbies, trying out calligraphy or leather crafting or stamp carving or even pottery. Then there’s me… blogging. If I can hear their new age thoughts, I bet they’d probably go like: not vintage enough bro! or blogging is so 2000s sir! I’ve never really found myself deep into the generations’ trends & ways, I guess I’m only a millennial by definition.

So here I am… trying out my first blog… of all subjects to tackle… writing about… writing my first blog. I’m now on the bad end of this inspired moment & I’ve probably exhausted it for now. I’ve repeatedly gone back & forth with my read-through, edited 10 lines out, & didn’t know what to do with the other 40. Felt good on some paragraphs, hated the next ones after it.

You know what, it’s fine. It’s not the best opening piece, and I did struggle mightily with it. Honestly though, I do feel great joy at this moment (7:47 AM). I’m certain it’s more of only-a-few-more-minutes-of-work-joy, but stashed deep underneath its exciting breakfast plans, I know lies this sense of accomplishment: happy-to-be-over-it-but-looking-forward-to-the-next-one. Hey, still counts.

Well into the future, maybe the two avid visitors of this site (oh yeah!) would somehow read back to this. One of them would probably cringe & hiss reading until the end. And yes, that reader would be me.

More often than not, your first crap will be, well… crap.

P.S. – This goes out to that other guy not named M, who in the future will take time to backtrack & read this first one. Thank you for doing so, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you going to my blog.

And yes, I still thank you even though you got here most likely by clicking that bait link that read: new Kim Kardashian naughty vid.

And yes, if this doesn’t work out, I still have that calligraphy or leather crafting thing to try. Though kara-krus doesn’t sound that bad either. Hmm.

Originally written March 4, 2016

So that’s my side of the story on how Manila Pepper was initially born 4 years ago. Here, read N‘s side of the story: Finding my “new” in this new normal.

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