Silantro Fil-Mex at UP Town Center

If you’ve gone to UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the long lines of waiting customers Silantro Fil-Mex usually gets. It’s not unusual for this Mexican Restaurant to pile up more than 20-30 persons willing to stand in line just to eat there.

Located on the second floor of the foodie-fave mall, Silantro is situated next to the Frozen custard shop, Rita’s. Patrons of the well-loved dessert stop are quite familiar with the lines the next door neighbor brings in, It’s no wonder that Silantro customers just hop on over for their after meal sweets. The resto interior is of good size & can pack a good number, but then it’s a matchbox when compared to the traffic it brings in. Due to this, the tables & floors does tend to get a bit grubby, specially on the weekends where there’s a nonstop exchange of out & incoming people. Despite this & the wait, I’d still recommend this resto to anyone needing that bit of Mexican. Read on.

Best Q E-VER. Me & SO love quesadillas’ so much that it’s always an option whenever we dine out to any resto that serves it. If you are the same as us, this one’s a no-brainer. At only PHP 160, this meal is a true sulit order: Two pieces of savory beef bits filled soft tacos, overflowing with cheese & gravy (?) (& of course, cilantro) topped off with a generous amount of fries. The mixture of the sauces & the protein is so yummy that it makes you feel as though you’re eating an ulam with sauce, not a quesadilla. On that note however, I can see why some probably won’t appreciate the dish as we did, not only is it quite a far-off version from the usual cheese filled thin tacos, the strong savory taste might be too ka-umay for others as well. If you’re unsure, just get a second look at my photos above & how the filling oozes out.


Forgive me for shooting this half-eaten, you foodie-grammers must be APPALLED! We couldn’t help it, we dug in right away after this was served & had no choice but to take the shot as it was. Silantro’s Burrito, just like their Q, is generously packed: Savory beef; Tomatoes & potatoes; the usual mexican rice, and others I can’t remember fill up its massive soft taco shell. It’s hard to picture how big the actual dish with my photos, but just imagine this: with a hand grip, the halved burrito goes from the bottom end of a palm, then extends about an inch and a half more above the top of your unclosable gripped fingers, got it? now, double that & put another one in your other hand. It’s that big, you dirty-minded reader YOU. To sum it up, this is one belly buster of a burrito, and oh, it tastes good too!


It’s not too common to be able to eat lamb here locally, so when I got to see that it was a meat option for their single serve tacos, i just had to try. Silantro offers 7 types of meat to be put on their taco entrée: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Oxtail & Lengua. Aside from that, you also have the option to mix in 2 or 3 of them, and a choice of either a soft or a hard shell. I was never a fan of the yellow hard ones as it always seemed to require a correct gameplan to be able to consume all of the toppings without them scattering on the floor. The lamb is savory with its asado like flavoring and might be a bit too pungent to be consumed alone, thankfully the mix of greens & the taco does a wonderful job of condensing it, leaving a very nice lamb experience for the taste buds.

SILANTRO FILMEX Soft Shell Taco Ligero Lamb P75 A
Soft Shell Taco Ligero Lamb P75
Soft Shell Taco Ligero Lamb P75 B
Soft Shell Taco Ligero Lamb


Best N E-VER. The only valid reason I see for anyone to not like Silantro’s Beef Nachos is if they don’t like LOTS of beef or LOTS of cheese. At PHP 180, a single order of this should be able to pass enough time for 3-4 persons until the main orders arrive at their table. Best eaten right after serving, the gooey melt-y cheese is a delight to be munched on that there’s a good chance you’d probably go for one more serving. Like their Q, this one should be on the top of your list.

Beef Nachos P180
Beef Nachos P180 B
Beef Nachos


For all my positive ravings that hopefully wetted your appetites, this one should be forgivable. Just like all other Silantro meals, the serving portion of Poncholon’s Burger is great and is easily sharable for 2 persons: It’s really BIG. Once again, the cheese was overflowing & is served with a generous amount of fries. One problem though, the patty has a strong pungent meat taste that I didn’t like at ALL. I’m not really sure what protein ingredient it had, but it left me wondering what a keeper of a meal this would’ve been, had Silantro simply gone the usual & normal beef burger patty route. I’m pretty sure that others would like it, but this one was simply NOT for me.

Silantro‘s BIG serving portions, GREAT value for money & overall exceptional YUMMYness puts it high on my Mexican dining favorites list. One tip: DON’T be discouraged by the long lines: the KNEE STRESS is definitely worth it.

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 400;

Address: Second Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Originally written August 3, 2016

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