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Already well known to oft traveling foodies & beloved by residents in the Concepcion Dos area, Qizia Cafe has been a staple Marikeño option for in-city dine-outs for quite some time. Poorly located to passerby cars, this restaurant is situated inside the SDS Hospital compound. I should know: It took me a couple of drive-arounds to find it the first time when it was recommended by a friend.

The place can pack a large number of diners with several tables inside & out. A friendly tip though, If you happen to come there at dark, I’d suggest you wait out the line for the A/C tables. The outside area can get a bit… pest-y as it is dimly lit & has pot plants all over. The photos I embedded on this post are from most recent & perhaps already my 7th or 8th return to Qizia. Yes, I am a fond patron of this gem of a resto, which makes it a bummer that except for this last one, i failed to take photos of all other meals we’ve had here previously. Hopefully this post of mine will peak your interest enough.

Qizia is a mixed cuisine resto, meaning: their food ranges from Filipino, Italian, American & Mexican, with their menu being capped off with plenty of desserts, cakes, drinks & coffee (Afterall, it’s named Qizia Cafe). I obviously have tried several of their listed items, & even though not everything is great, none have gone below solid, which is quite significant, considering how affordable the prices are.

Their pizzas are perhaps what I most like on their menu. They’re cheap at around PHP 155 – PHP 200, serves around 2-3 persons, & taste-wise, are very good. I’d easily recommend the Qizia’s Special (supreme) & the Four Cheese. I have no clue what exactly are the 4 that consist of this flavor, but I can say that they’re indeed “topped” there. Best to be eaten immediately after serving, the freshly melted cheeses are a delight to the taste buds against the thin yet solid crust. Definitely one to order for cheese lovers.


This is my least favorite of this Qizia feature as I had better tasting clubhouse sandwiches before & would rate this as pretty average. The usuals are all present: egg, ham, tomatoes, lettuce & bread which was toasted nicely. At a measly PHP 95 though, ordering this as an additional dish won’t really hurt. The included side of generic potato chips does add a bit of value too.

Clubhouse P95 A
Clubhouse P95
QIZIA Clubhouse P95 B
Clubhouse with potato chips


The German franks on this menu item are as meaty & tasty as sausages can get. At PHP 145, I initially thought of this as a slight reach for such a simple breakfast meal but boy, did I ate my words afterwards… along with the rest of the egg & garlic rice of course. If you’re into morning food or just in need of a rice meal when in Qizia, this one’s the choice to make. This is how breakfast should be: Premium, heavy & hearty.

QIZIA German Franks P145
German Franks P145


If you’ve followed my other foodie write ups, you’re probably thinking now: Quesadillas again?? Yes, SO & me (more of her really) just love those Q’s. This Q of Q-izia isn’t the best of all that I’ve tried, but it’s right there on my list. A bit more of a traditional or common style Quesadilla, the chicken bits & cheese went very well with the white sauce & toasted tortilla. A solid meal yet again made very much worth ordering as a side or as an appetizer because of its budget friendly price.


I’m not the biggest Brazo De Mercedes fan, but I loooooooove custard. Whenever i do get to indulge on one though, i always wish it was a little less jiggly & not foam-like. Whether it was simply overdid or really intended, the one we had at Qizia was more solid that it was actually bit chewy which I did enjoy (SO didn’t). Another plus was that their version was a layered one & not the usual roll which allowed more room for custard fillings (yey!).

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 350; Facebook: Qizia;

Address: SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Extension Corner Pio del Pilar Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Originally written July 15, 2016

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