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What we expected to be some sort of road trip turned out to be only a 50 minute drive from Quezon City. Located in San Roque, Antipolo, getting to Pinto Art Museum was a breeze, the only significant decision you need to make is whether you take the Marcos Highway or the Ortigas Extension route (FYI, we used the former on a Sunday morning). For those taking public transport, commute instructions are readily available online.

If you did drive, there is a 20 peso fee (might be more now) to enter the village where Pinto is. I’m guessing this is an arranged fee between the two, perhaps for the amount of street- parked vehicles the museum brings in. Over the recent years pre-covid, Pinto’s popularity as a short trip destination has definitely risen.

Once you’ve taken your pre-museum selfies and paid the fee of PHP 180 per pax (a few years back), enter and hope that your phone/camera battery is strong enough to take on the beating it will get. You’ll be surprised by how big the place is once inside. There are 3 Pinto cafe dining areas, a chapel, a swimming pool, 2 gardens, several patches of greens & pavements, 6 divided galleries filled with  works of art, & lots (& lots!) of photogenic spots for you & your friends to capture those oh so nice DPs! I myself had to skip shooting some areas as I failed to bring an extra battery when we went.

PINTO Inside the Indigenous B

Depending on your planned route, it might take you more than 1 to 2 hours to stroll around the museum. And that estimate still can be way off as it will depend whether your main goal is to appreciate art or do a photowalk. There’s just so much stuff for your lenses to take in that several times during our trip, we had to concede to just revisiting some picture worthy spots later on after we’re done exploring the entire place. There were actually several couples having their prenuptial shoots when we went.

Pinto Art museum is not your usual cramped, deck & halls museum. There are portions in which Pinto is just what it is, an art gallery, but the open air spots, several patches of greens, and the good mix of traditional and installation works gives the entire place a more enjoyable experience, different from how your childhood fieldtrips were.

Pinto has more contemporary artworks on display. As you’ll see from the photos, this isn’t really where art meets history type of gallery (not at all a bad thing, but something worth mentioning). Being a former art student myself, i was able to spot some very familiar works that i’ve seen before in the Beato Angelico gallery. There were also a few installation artworks, the most interesting of which is “Forest”, a huge sparsely lit room filled with bamboos, rocks, & water wells, complete with nature ambient sounds.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try the food at Pinto Cafe as we already had made plans to eat outside that day. The very small menu had very interesting (& a bit pricey) offerings, ranging from duck pasta, lamb entree & molten chocolate cake. If you do visit Pinto & have the budget for it, I’d suggest you eat there as I’ve heard it’s catered by Bizu.

Entrance: PHP 180; Village entrance/parking fee: PHP 20;
Cafe approx budget for 2: PHP 600; Facebook: Pinto Art Museum
Address: 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights, Antipolo City, Rizal; 

Originally written March 23, 2016

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2 thoughts on “Pinto Art Museum at Antipolo”

  1. You should try some of their pastas if the post-COVID situation will permit us. While they are a bit on the pricier side (apir tayo doon), it’s worth it when the whole dining experience is factored in.

    When I and my fiance went here, he, too, had enjoyed the contemporary artworks. Like you, he’s an ex-art student himself. It’s good to know that Pinto supports our homegrown artists.

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