Mexican Express at Maginhawa Street

If you’ve driven through the entire stretch of Maginhawa, there’s a good chance you’ve already spotted this modest diner. Located in a series of foodie faves that include The Nook, Good Burger & Station 7tea8, Mexican Express is the Mexicano staple in this area (at least mine & SO’s). The menu they offer is a basic list of Mexican foods that you can’t go wrong with: I should know! I’ve dined here countless times over the past couple of years. Read on.

Please do pardon the photos, I came unprepared & had to settle using a 50mm instead of a better suited glass. You see, Mexican Express has a pretty small box-shaped interior in which the dining & kitchen areas are crammed in. It’s not something I’m fiddly about as me & SO have always eaten there early with only a handful of other customers, but I would understand it being a deterrent during prime dining hours.


Quesadillas again?! Yep! That’s now 5 out of 7 reviews with me eating a Q. For a measly PHP 75, this Mexican Express Cheese Quesadillas is as good as one can get for the price. This traditional style quesadillas is nicely filled with just the right amount of cheese, while its thin, flaky tortilla is soft & chewy (salsa is very good, BTW). Best eaten freshly served, the hot tortilla is the perfect shell for the evenly spread melted cheese: Yummy!


As its name suggests, this one’s a hero. BIG soft tortilla? Check. FULL fillings? Check. Juicy veggies? Check. Heavy Mexican rice? Check. A personal favorite of mine, this super sized burrito may pale in comparison looks-wise compared to what other Mexican diners offer, but don’t let the IG unworthiness dampen your appetite: Mexican Express’ Super Burrito is Delicious! The acidity of the veggies together with the tasty Mexican rice & beef bits come together to form one juicy burrito. I do think that there should be more beef in the filling, but overall, this one’s also a must-try.


The perfect snack to pair with their quesadillas which together adds up to just PHP 150, this generous box of Nachos is as sulit as you can get! Tasty beef bits & creamy cheese sauce topped above crispy Nachos round-up this very solid appetizer. For its price, another no-brainer side to order.

MEXICAN EXPRESS Nacho Beef and Cheese P75 A
Nacho Beef and Cheese P75
Nacho Beef and Cheese P75 B
Nacho Beef and Cheese

Overall, Mexican Express isn’t the best Mexican diner, neither does it offer the comfiest of dining areas, but what it lacks in flair, it DEFINITELY makes up for in good value & a solid menu. Good old tasty traditional Mexican food easily up for grabs in QC!

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 350; Facebook: Mexican Express;

Address: 162 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Originally written September 24, 2016

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