Lola Ote and their 18 inch BBQ

Situated not too far away from ABS-CBN HQ in South Triangle lies Lola Ote. Offered here aplenty are those BBQ’d delicacies you’d normally binge over at your local kanto ihawans. They serve grilled favorites such as Pork Barbecue, Isaw Baboy, Isaw Manok, Tenga, Liempo, Pusit & Tuna Belly plus some other local Filipino dishes to round out their menu. Without any doubt though, the main star is their 18 inch long BBQ that is unmissable on pretty much all customer tables.

(Note: phone snaps)


Like most Filipinos, I’ve had a taste of countless different barbecues. From kanto ihawans, to grilleries & from my mom’s annual new year feast, all these have perhaps dulled my personal BBQ preference to almost non-existent. I mean, I know that I hate it when they’re too dry, otherwise they’re all the same to me. So from that, here’s what I thought of Lola Ote‘s variant: it was good. I enjoyed the pork’s sweet flavor & softness, & it wasn’t dry at all,… I still wouldn’t describe it as anything out of the ordinary though. But then again, at only PHP 110 for 18 inches of pork meat, it is a must-order when you do visit Lola Ote. (And in case you were wondering… YES, We did measure it & let’s just say their MGMT’s rulers are a bit more generous than ours.)

18 inches or not, these babies sure are BIG, and with steel skewers for sticks, are just waiting for you to snap & post them.


As expected with BBQs & Liempos from the same ihawan, Lola Ote‘s version of the latter pork variety tastes similar to that of the former. Soft & moist with that classic sweet & tangy flavor, any liempo lover will appreciate this version of the dish. The cut is above average in thickness & does merit at least 2 servings of rice (it comes with 1 BTW).

At PHP 180 for a fresh off the grill thick cut of liempo & a cup of rice, this can be your classic ihaw-ihaw dish.


Not for the health conscious nor the icky vickies, these Lola Ote grilled pig ears (or walkman as they’re sometimes referred to) are a delight. I’ve always been a fan of these guilty pleasures that I do prefer them over both BBQs & isaws. True enough, I would have to say that I enjoyed this one stick BEST from our dinner. Clean, savory & at only PHP 35, I could’ve had 3 or maybe 4 of these if I wasn’t already full from the 18 inch BBQ.

Overall, even though I found Lola Ote‘s grilled favourites good yet unspectacular, I can see myself dining there again, & perhaps even recommending it. You won’t be WOW-ed by the taste, but you’ll definitely enjoy getting full while snapping foodpics (hanging steel skewers!). Where else can you eat BIG, tasty & best of all, clean street food for a sulit price?

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 400; Facebook: Lola Ote;

Address: 26 Courtyard Building, Sgt. Esguerra St, South Triangle,Tomas Morato, QC

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Originally written October 28, 2016

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