Finding my “new” in this new normal

What more can be mentioned about this year that hasn’t been already been said or heard?

Worst in this lifetime?
So many times.
Year to appreciate the little things?
For some maybe.
That one year when plans crashed and died?
Definitely – the one I can allude with the most.

From losing my job, to being stuck at home, then exhausting all i can to think of what to do next, and ending up here with web design.

Driving along the road.

2020 has been a year full of unexpected twists and turns. In mid-January, Taal Volcano erupted. Before the month ended, the first case of COVID-19 in the country was reported. And just after a month, the first local transmission was confirmed. It just kept rolling downhill till now that our total case count is at 390,000+.

Just as most thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did for me last July. Same as it was with 11,000 or so others. Yes, I was one of them. September was my last month in a 6-year tenure in the network company where I hoped I could spend all my work years with. About to be jobless on my birth month with no clear alternatives in sight, the last quarter of this year will be my toughest one yet.

Unemployed at 32.
Increased monthly bills and expenses.
Living in the new normal.
A few months back, I asked myself, “what now?“.

At a crossroads.

Dust the cobwebs off my resume and try to win in the job lottery this pandemic has caused.

The easiest path to try but definitely one with the worst odds. Same with many others left unemployed in 2020, the reality of the job market in the Philippines has left me with little hope.

Join the ‘business marathon’.

Have considered the idea of selling items thru finding low cost item suppliers. However, like all things this pandemic has affected, most people being at home meant an over saturation of the online market. 

Several months in and still with no clear end in sight, I thought to myself: Why not take a step back from the obvious options and take a risk.

Instead of going after income right away by looking for a job or starting a business, why not try to take the time to learn a skill and see where it goes?

Making a U-turn.

Scrolling my news feed, I saw an ad about web design course and read what they had to offer. And as expected with any social platform nowadays, this one initial click led to many more similar courses paraded right through my screen.

As an Arts major, web designing was one of those avenues I could’ve went for after completing college. But being a fresh graduate and wanting that first paycheck pushed me off-course.

Now having that oh so sweet yet fatally borrowed time of the jobless, I’ve decided to enroll in a short online web design course. In fact, this website your viewing right now is my first foray and application of what I’ve learned, doing my best to revive my partner M’s effort a few years back.

So, there you go. The road that led me to my “new” during this new normal and the reason why I’m writing this. I don’t know how far this will bring me, but hey,  this is much better than being stuck in traffic, the going-home-from-BGC-to-QC-passing-thru-EDSA kind.

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10 thoughts on “Finding my “new” in this new normal”

  1. im sorry you were part of the 11k+ that lost their job.. my brother and sis in law were a part of it too. and i am an avid network fan since time immemorial, friends are also part of the roster of talents, those who work around them became friends as well. im heartbroken as well. anyway, im glad you found your NEW in this new normal. congratulations! im sure there is a place for you in this world we have now. good luck in the coming year!

  2. This year can be devastating to some people but I still find positivity in it. 2020 brought me positive things still and you are right, this year can be of learning new skills. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. blair villanueva

    A door might closed for good, but you managed to find another window that will gives you a better view of your dream. Keep up on your awesome work, and never stop living and dreaming!

  4. you are the living proof of the quotes that goes when one door closes, another door opens and that is your your to web designing. Cheers to your new path! Good luck and May God Bless your new found journey.

  5. This is such a nice read – i’m glad you used your time wisely and learned a new skill. I’m sure it will come in handy in the future. Congrats on the rebirth of this website too! Cheers to a new beginning this 2021. 🤗

  6. I’m new to html as well, but it will be such a great skill to have. I’m super slow when it comes to learning, but with more practice, we’ll get better right. I hope for a better and blesses year for all of us!

  7. I’m sorry 2020 went down on you the way it did. Napakahirap talaga mag adjust sa 2020. We, ourselves, had our share of discouragements.

    Whether or not you plan to continue on with your web design direction, it is still a useful skill to have and very much benefiting if you are applying for online work. The more technically adept you are, the bigger your chances are in finding a good paying job online.

    Here’s wishing the best of 2021!

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