Box Park at Congressional Avenue Extension

Opened just late last year, Box Park is yet another food park similar to what strEAT is in Maginhawa & to what Z Compound is in Malingap, a haven of dining varieties. Still in Quezon City, this hub takes us farther north from Teacher’s Village – Diliman area, to Congressional Avenue Extension. Marketed with the same approach of more choices = better dining experience, folks have flocked the now booming commercial road for a taste of what the Box has inside.

Please overload my Quesadilla with your white sauce.

After a few minutes (more like 20, really) of checking out all the menus from the concessionaires, me & my SO finally decided on trying a Mexican favorite of ours: Porkfolio’s Quesadilla Overload. Looks-wise, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a local Mexican resto here: decent size, decent thickness, and that similar off white colored tortilla with brownish toast marks. A tad different though is what you’d find once you bite into one as the salsa is found inside of the pita.

BOX PARK Porkfolio Quesadilla Overload P140
Porkfolio Quesadilla Overload P140

That might just be me not trying enough of other resto’s quesadillas but from what I’ve eaten in the past, I seem to remember the salsa being served as a dip separately. We did, however, find Porkfolio’s version delicious as the pulled pork was savory, the cheese was plenty, salsa was muted but did ad some bulk, although the real kicker for us was the white sauce. I’m not 100% sure if it was aioli that was drizzled on top, but what i am 100% sure of is that they skimped on it with their serving. After a few bites, we instantly noticed the taste dulled a bit as there was just ain’t enough white sauce.

Porkfolio Hooray for extra white sauce
Hooray for extra white sauce

With some insistence from my SO, I asked the boorish cashier guy if he can give me some more of his white sauce. Yeah, I said it, i asked him real gooooood. Slightly Immature & definitely inappropriate joke aside, the guy did give me some, though not without an annoyed look. To sum it up, we enjoyed their Quesadilla Overload very much! Kuya cashier guy, not so much! If you do order it, just remember to ask kuya for some of his extra white sauce. Oooh.

Approx. budget for 2: PHP450; Facebook: Porkfolio;

Box Park address: 73, Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City


A nice side.

Not really much to mention with these mojos. We wanted a side dish to complement our quesadillas, & we ordered what we thought would be a good one. There really aren’t much choices of mojos to be had locally, so these fried thinly sliced potatoes of the Fry Guys would slide right into your very short list. They were fried slightly crispy then mixed with ordinary cheese flavoring & the price wasn’t bad either. So yeah, if you want a nice side dish that won’t hurt your pockets in Box Park, try these.

BOX PARK Fry Guys Mojos P160
Fry Guys Mojos P160

Approx. budget for 2: PHP350; Facebook: Fry Guys;

Box Park address: 73, Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City


A date with Mr. Diggins. 

With the similar feel of Maginhawa StrEAT’s dessert fave Lost Bread comes Box Park’s Mr. Diggins. Under the same ownership from what I’ve read, this new dessert brand utilizes the same concept of mixing soft serve ice cream with sweets that are just so social media post worthy. The main difference is that Lost bread offers milkshakes, while Mr. Diggins offer something else entirely different.

BOX PARK Mr Diggins Ice Cream and Waffles Storefront
Mr Diggins Ice Cream and Waffles Storefront
BOX PARK Mr Diggins Honey Pot P95
Mr Diggins Honey Pot P95

Dig what you see? that’s soft serve ice cream & a waffle with some crushed grahams & cookies underneath. Dig. Everything else like the corn flakes, butter croutons & the caramel coating are toppings that differ per variant. As of our visit, they had 4 flavors that had mixes of popcorns & chocolate syrup (Black Bay), rainbow sprinkles & strawberry coating (Spectrum), pretzels & vanilla coating (Great White) and the one pictured above (Honey Pot).

BOX PARK Mr Diggins Honey Pot 1
Mr Diggins Honey Pot

Adding more appeal to these already mouth-watering desserts is the fact that they’re actually priced fairly well. Available to be had at only php95 per serving, you’d actually be tempted to taste them all, specially if you come in a group. It was only the 2 of us when we went, but I did feel like i wanted to eat another one after my cup of Honey Pot! Thankfully, I was already a bit full from our quesadillas & mojos. And yeah, I’m pretty sure SO wouldn’t really let me. If like mine, yours won’t, just remember… Mr. Diggins would.

Approx. budget for 2: PHP200; Facebook: Mr. Diggins;

Box Park address: 73, Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City


Sometimes, a cool packaging is everything. 

If you do visit Box Park, this is the drink you’ll probably see most on other customer’s tables. And for good reason as they’re quite the lookers with those cool see-through plastic packs. They aren’t the best tasting flavored juices around but they’re good enough to quench your thirst through all the solids you’re probably gonna eat inside the food hub. Available in 6 flavors of tamarind, dalandan, raspberry, black gulaman, strawberry & green apple, Colonel Franks have these babies ready to go, just adding in ice cubes when you order. Costs a cool PHP 50, served cool and looks cool, what more can we ask?

BOX PARK Colonel Franks Strawberry Juice P50
Colonel Franks Strawberry Juice P50

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 350; Facebook: Colonel Franks;

Box Park address: 73, Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Avenue Extension, Quezon City

Originally written April 13, 2016

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