The Best Air Fryer Review in Lazada and Shopee

Wittily referenced by Pinoys as a status of being nakakaangat-angat in memes during the pandemic, it warrants the surge in searches of “What is the best air fryer Philippines’, ‘air fryer price Philippines’, ‘best air fryer Lazada’, etc.

An air fryer, true to its name is a kitchen equipment built for these modern times. In an age where more and more realize the importance of eating healthier, affordable air fryer Philippines is one key search that buyers are surely looking forward to. In essence, it lets you consume those guilty fried pleasures, while removing or limiting the need for use of oil. Invented around 2010, it  made its way to the Philippines sometime before the pandemic, and reached peak popularity during it.

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With all those being said, we scoured and researched the web to give you a list of the possible top 10 air fryers to buy. Buying an air fryer is indeed straightforward, but having that bit of knowledge on more specifics and differences hopefully will help you choose in getting the best air fryer for you.

Best Air Fryer Philippines

What is an Air Fryer?

Quite simply just from the name, An airfryer is a kitchen equipment that enables you to ‘fry’ without the need for oil nor a pan. In truth, it is more similar to Convection Ovens. The main difference being that instead of the heating element being blown over time, it makes use of a more rapid and more concentrated heat source which results in a more even and quicker cooking.

Another key difference that makes the ‘air frying’ possible is it’s smaller container which further helps mimic what we do in a regular fry: even cooking on all sides. There are of course also large capacity air fryer, but essentially they are more or less kept around 3L to 10L.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

The best air fryer of course will be one that offers it’s most distinct feature, the non or superiorly less use of oil, the opposite of a Deep Fryer. While indeed in many uses, a top air fryer can do what other more traditional fryequipment cook, it also must be considered that there are instances when it can’t.

For one, due to its use of only heat and air, some food can come out dryer or not as crispy on an airfryer. Using an air fryer though, aside from it’s deemed healthier style, also has other advantages. For one, cleaning an air fryer is much easier. Another is that it can possibly also grill, bake and more.

Air Fryer vs Turbo Broiler

In the best air fryer brand, it’s a given that many can be comparable to Turbo Broilers in that both make use of hot air circulation. The ability to set temperature and the fan use are also similar. The main difference between the two can be boiled down to two factors: Speed and Capacity. Air Fryers are also billed to be fast, but Turbo Broilers have more power which allows it to cook larger meals. In terms of capacity, this is one that can be seen just from their size. 

Is Air Fryer Healthy?

As mentioned, the best air fryer Philippines must be one that indeed factors in being healthier. The non or limited use of oil is its best feature. Just think of frying hotdog in an air fryer vs frying hotdog in a pan. The top air fryer can get close to what a pan can make them taste and feel like without use of oils. Aside from this, a digital air fryer has removable drip trays where the excess or natural oils fall down on. Using an air fryer also should allow you to cook other normally-done-in-a-pan foods, with similarly good results.

So yes, if you are looking to live healthier but can’t fully give up fried foods, air fryers are a good match for you.

Things To Consider When Searching for Air Fryer Lazada and Air Fryer Shopee

“Air Fryer Shopee” vs “Air Fryer Lazada”, a couple of common searches for Pinoys nowadays looking to get into the buzz. Due to the limited opportunities to go out and buy at malls, the popularity of online shopping has surely surged in the Philippines, so getting the best cheap air fryer available can also be done at home. Not much difference here really, and most likely you’ll get the same recommended air fryer present on both platforms, so it will come down to air fryer price and air fryer features.

Basket Capacity

Best affordable air fryer offers different specifications in its size and how much you can cook at a time. Its capacities range from 2.8L to 7L. There are of course exceptions to this as you’ll see on our list below.


The best budget air fryer is commonly billed as convenient. Being able to adjust your air fryer to set the proper time of your type of food is a usual feature.

Cooking Presets

Similar to other features, some brands have easy choice specifics to match the food you will cook. If none, trial and error and a little Google will be your friend.



It’s best to practice pre-heat in equipment like these that uses circulated heat and air. Ensure to read your brands manual.

Auto-off Feature

Another convenient feature is the power saving ability on air fryers. The best air fryer 2021 you buy should limit excess power usage.


A detachable air fryer basket or a drip tray is a common feature for a best buy air fryer. After each use it’s smart to clean your equipment thoroughly, including this.

Non-Toxic Parts

Using an air fryer makes use of heat and air, so it’s essential to be safe and ensure that it is non-toxic. 


The best air fryer will make use of coatings that will not have your food stick. See features when purchasing.

Tips in Using an Air Fryer

There are some simple tips on how we can try to ensure a better cook or longer equipment life.

  1. It’s best to pre-heat it. Many brands will mention this, but just in case not, it’s good to remember that this is a heat and air equipment, similar to convection ovens.
  2. In cooking fatty foods like bacon, it is suggested to add some water on the drip tray/drawer.
  3. Your fryer should be able to cook your food well, but remember not to overfill it. Like baking, ensure good spacing and a not too overcrowded setup to have a more even cook.
  4. It’s smart to flip whatever you are cooking. This is good to achieve a more even cook in airfyers.
  5. Depending on the brand you buy, there are brands that bill that you can re-check your cook in as many situations. But do take this with a grain of salt, still remember that this works using heated air in a confined space, and if you overdo opening, there might still be effects on the quality of your food.
  6. In whatever air fryer sale you buy, ensure that you allot good spacing and placement on your kitchen. Best not to put in a very tight spot, so that it will perform more efficiently.
  7. It should be easy to clean. But still do your part in ensuring your equipment’s freshness after each use.

Top Best Air Fryer Review Philippines

Below are the Top 10 Best Air Fryer 2021 in Lazada and Shopee. Use this guide and reviews to help you choose the best electric air fryer.

An affordable home equipment brand, Kaisa Villa Air Fryer is their entry on this list. A quick Lazada or Shopee search will yield you a few sellers of this brand, including one from their official shop.

Boasting a cheap price of below Php2,000, other features include a 5.5 liter capacity, a 30-minute timer, eight easy to use presets, and a non-stick coating. A look at the reviews does indicate this to be a good choice to buy!

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

Like many items found in Lazada or Shopee, don’t let this air fryer’s generic no-brand tag veer you away from checking it out. Featuring most of the same normal features as other choices, this sub Php1,600 equipment has a high rating and excellent reviews on either online shop.

If looking to get into the air fryer craze with a limited budget, this one might be for you.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee (Seller ASeller B).

Same as the one above, don’t take unbranded Air Fryers for granted! With a price as low as Php1,199 and 4 capacity sizes to choose from, it’s 4.9 Shopee rating should speak for these item’s capability.

Offered in 2.8L to 5.5L, and has non-stick coating and overheat protection features.

Click here to view price in Shopee (Seller ASeller B).

Another unbranded pick with positively reviewed sellers, This one has a 5L capacity, detachable non-stick basket, a timer, and cool touch housing. Perhaps it’s a differentiating feature that can just entice you to get this is it’s display that’s touch operated.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

A locally trusted phone manufacturer, a quick look at their mall stores should let you know that this China brand doesn’t limit themself on just the mobile Industry. If you are looking for an air fryer from a reputable maker, do check out their 2.6L offering.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

Who hasn’t had an oven, a toaster, a rice cooker or any other kitchen tools from Kyowa? If you’re looking for a more comfortable option, do check out Kyowa Air Fryer.

This model is the cheaper of the 2 we have on this list due to its smaller capacity.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

For just a Php1,000 more, you can opt to go for this model instead. The KW-3815 has similar features than it’s cheaper, smaller brother. We’d recommend this one instead should the price gap be within your range.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee (Seller ASeller B)

The non-conformist on this list, and one you possibly have already seen floating it’s way onto your social media feeds, This Hanabishi Air Fryer stands out on it’s own for it’s hybrid branding. Billed as being an air fryer and oven at the same time, this offering from yet another locally trusted brand makes good use of the more traditional oven exterior to allow a whopping 23L capacity.

Not convinced due to it’s oven look? Check out the reviews to see that it does seem to live up to it’s dual billing.

Click here to view price in Lazada and Shopee.

A bit more for those willing to spend more, this Air Fryer Philips is the smaller model of the two. Apart from the generally best reputable brand within this list, the HD9228 offers temperature control, ‘easier’ to clean billing, and a free air fryer recipe book.

Click here to view price in Shopee.

Our 2nd Air Fryer Philips on this list separates itself from the former for it’s larger 6.2L capacity and touch screen feature. Even more steep than it’s brother, opting for this model surely will be for those willing to pay extra for Philip’s more comfortable and reputable brand sense.

Click here to view price in Lazada.

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Disclaimer: We are a review and comparison blog aimed at promoting products and services. Purchases made are all under buyer’s responsibility. No copyright infringement intended for all Lazada and Shopee seller images used.

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  2. thank you for sharing. my hubby and i will look into each brand. buti na lang me links na din at di na mahirapan isearch. my mom and sis has been using an airfryer nga eh. iniisip ko pa if its a need or want on my end.

  3. Wow! This seems a very comprehensive article on Air Fryer and perfect for those who’d like to get more info on this new appliance. I’ve wanted to get one for myself but still researching on the best and most affordable in the market. Noted on the tips. I hope it’s easy to clean though.

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  4. How did you read my mind?! I was JUST on the search for a good air fryer and I see this post! Honestly, I also thought at first that this was just an unnecessary kitchen appliance, but the more I read about it, the more I wanted to replace our deep fryer with it. Thanks for compiling a list of air fryers to check out! Mukang I will be busy looking through it, hehe.

  5. When it comes to healthy, I think it all boils down to food choices rather than the equipment. But yes, it does help if you can’t give up fried food.

    We have an air fryer which was a gift to us before it went big on Facebook, hehe. What makes it hard for us to use it is because it’s big and bulky and we have a small counter space, so we still have to take it out of storage when we need it.

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