Bag of Beans at Tagaytay

Perhaps the most sought-after diner along with the bulalo / lutong bahay restaurants in Tagaytay, Bag Of Beans have established itself as a destination of its own. Initially famous for their house blend coffee & excellent pastries, they’ve rounded out themselves as a full restaurant brand boasting of several branches in the area. After a rushed delivery errand in Indang recently, Me & SO went straight to Tagaytay for some heavy munching & ended up at their picturesque, lovely branch near the rotunda.

Bag of Beans Garden Area


In need of something heavy after a tiring long drive all the way from Quezon City, I knew that I wanted a rice meal & bluntly ordered the Pork Barbecue. SO did mention to expect a more-than-enough serving but I didn’t think I’d get what I eventually did: the thickest & most robust cut of pork belly I’ve ever seen. A bit of exaggeration perhaps, but that was what it really looked like to us when it was served, so much so that I had to starve myself for several more minutes to make sure I do it justice with my camera.

After what felt like an awful lot of time snapping photos (it really was), I dug in. And true to form, it did taste like how it looked: lovely. The veggies were nothing to brag about, the rice was good, but the Pork belly… boy, was it excellent. The grilled thick cut of fat & meat, brushed all over by a sweet tangy BBQ sauce was definitely more than what i could’ve hoped for after a a grueling trip.


SO, on the other hand was in the mood for something not as heavy & more breakfast-y. So she went for the Chicken & Pork Adobo which was served with two eggs. The dish had the same fried rice from the Pork Barbecue, plus a different set of veggies to complement the viand’s acidity. Overall, it was nothing special & could very well have the same taste as your mom’s adobo (unless your mom’s version is awesome), but for PHP 260, the generous serving does make up for what it lacks.

Bag of Beans over-looking view

Trying to free up our tummies for desserts by strolling around the garden-esque setup & the scenic view was an utter failure as the huge meal portions really got to us. Though not the most budget friendly, Bag of Beans‘ quality food & great ambiance have continuously made it one of the best restaurants along the stretch of Tagaytay.

Approx. budget for 2: PHP 600; Facebook: Bag Of Beans;

Address: 1215 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction, Tagaytay City; Several Others

Originally written March 9, 2017

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