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An outlet of experiences made and musings thought of, Manila Pepper is the brainchild of partners M&N.

A Pinoy lifestyle and review blog. Stay updated with us as we share our food, travel and tech matters.

M is an experienced graphic designer that has an on and off affinity for the written words. Never having the opportunity to immerse fully, Manila Pepper was the initial push to exert years worth of unrefined and unattended passion.

Having dabbled on a lottery of interests including design, photography, several biz, and now web design, N is the push to the unmoving M. A doer in the best definition of the word, it was N that made this return of Manila Pepper happen.

Like many other results bought on by the 2020 quarantine, what started out as mainly a food blog four years ago is now back, rephrased. With a renewed mindset to tackle all things to interest Manileños, Filipinos, and anyone else, it’s time yet again to add that dash.

A Pinoy lifestyle and review blog

Diversity more than anything is what makes a Filipino palate. 

What good is having work money if not to spend on an escape. 


Sifting through the world of gadgets is no easy feat for the tight pocketed. 

Force-feeding of personal thoughts is what makes a blog, well, a blog. 

Featured Post

How to make milk tea at home

The big secret: IT’S CRAZY SIMPLE!

Aside from the obvious pull due to the high demand the drink has built here in the Philippines over the last few years, another reason why competitors seemed to pop up everywhere post pandemic is the very easy steps into how they are made. See below where we hopefully will be able to teach you how to DIY without buying those kits.


Finding my "new" in this new normal


Pandesal by Flavours by Yna


Bag of Beans at Tagaytay


Pinto Art Museum at Antipolo


Capital of the Philippines; also used to denote entire Metro Manila or NCR.
Ang traffic naman dito sa Manila, hindi na nagbago.


Commonly used spice; can denote Black Pepper or Chili Pepper.
Kulang ng timpla yung Adobo, dagdagan mo pa ng dash ng pepper. 

Manila Paper

[muhniluh] [pey-per]
Cheap type of paper; commonly used as a presentation/report material in schools.
HIndi naman kailangan sa cartolina, Manila paper nalang sabe ni Ma’am. 


Local slang for a Filipino boy or man.
Ang bastos nung bata sa kapitbahay. Ano nga bang pangalan nun? Pepe? 

Manila Pepper

[muhniluh] [pep-er]
See above definitions.
Basahin mo yung review nung oorderin naten, sa Manila Pepper. 

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